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  Nail Cocktales was started by Agnes Mora whose vision and mission is to have an unrivaled and more affordable spa service. It is located at Tomas Morato, Quezon City (main branch).


  At Nail Cocktales our aim is to make each and every visit a pleasurable experience. We are committed to operating with a green concept in all aspects including economic, environmental and social consciousness by offering by offering toxic-free and organic options for our services. In addition to offering highest quality products and servicesm Nail Cocktales is very proud to provide a high quality of life for our clients as well as out employees. A lifestyle for the modern woman, as luxurious as it is practical, innovative and affordable. And most of all, providing premium nail service without compromising life's essential ingredient: FUN


  Our target market is fairly broad, in part because our services appeal to such a wide range of people from kids to retireesm from students to professionals and celebrities, from single to married couples and families. However the majority of the clients are women ages from 18-45 years old but gaining a strong market from kids and male clients as well. The Nail Cocktales is committed to offer satisfying services to people who invests their nails, cares about quality and excellence, and enjoys being pampered in a trendy and fashionable way.
Company Profile
Brief History of Nail Cocktales
Founded by Agnes L. Mora
Opened in October 25, 2012